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Domain Control and Management Software

Imagine your transformed network. Now, imagine your most important tasks at your fingertips. With domain control and management software, you have the tools to help make managing your Ciena network easy. Whether using programmatic APIs, or intuitive visualization, Ciena’s software systems enable you to plan, deploy and assure services across the Ciena domain of physical and virtualized network functions quickly. And you can test integration of Ciena’s systems with other operational systems, in advance, without any lab expenditures.


SAOS 1076x660

Service-Aware Operating System

Ciena’s Service-Aware Operating System (SAOS) is employed in our Routing and Switching and Converged Packet Optical platforms to provide a common set of advanced Ethernet features, improving operational efficiency from edge to core with consistent system and service attributes. Our system incorporates a complete Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) suite to support the network and service performance monitoring requirements of large-scale Ethernet deployments, while reducing network operating costs. It also enables network operators to create and manage scalable service offerings that leverage the cost-effectiveness of Ethernet technology—generating maximum revenue.

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Manage, Control and Plan horizontal card

Manage, Control and Plan

Get services to market quickly. Gain a competitive edge. And gain operational efficiencies. Ciena’s Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller brings the power of software-defined programmability to your next-gen Ciena network and service operations. It eliminates manual, time-consuming, error-prone steps between multiple, separate management tools.

Goodbye legacy NMS. Hello automated lifecycle operations.

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Faced with the need to build out optical network capacity in a world of ever-increasing demand for bandwidth? That’s a good challenge to have. With Ciena’s PlannerPlus network planning and design tool, you can build and augment your network quickly and easily. That means you can grow incrementally, as needed, and avoid spending capital dollars today for capacity that will be under-utilized for months to come.

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Emulation Cloud™

Ciena’s Emulation Cloud™ functions as a virtual lab where you can develop and test new tools and scripts without breaking IT budgets. If you’re looking to accelerate DevOps and web-scale integration through custom apps, the Emulation Cloud can help make it happen.

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Intelligent control plane

Unprecedented automation and resiliency across the entire network.

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