Managed Services
Maintenance Service

Managing and supporting network operations

One thing’s for certain. Nothing is routine about enabling your network to meet customers’ unprecedented, rapid-fire expectations.

Imagine being able to anticipate problems, leveraging the right tools and automation to diagnose incidents and expedite troubleshooting, and proactively assess performance 24/7.

We help make it happen.

Ciena’s Maintenance Service provides end-to-end support for network hardware and software. And when you want Ciena to manage your IP or optical network or advanced network solutions, we offer a robust suite of Managed Services from our Network Operations Centers (NOCs).

Our team is here for yours. It’s about a close-knit customer relationship built on trust, support, and expertise.

Ciena Operate Services
We do the worrying for you

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Managed Services

Focus on what matters most. Let us do the rest.

Whether managing your network or your customer’s, it can be tedious, complex, and—when not executed properly―costly. Finding the right people with the expertise to support multi-vendor environments is difficult—keeping them trained and happy even more so.

All of this can distract from your core business. There’s a better way.

Ciena’s Managed Services provides expert management from our NOC facilities, following ITIL   best practices for incident and problem management, performance management, analytics, and more. Our experts make sure your IP or optical, virtualized edge, SD-WAN, or private 5G networks―and the business they power―keep running strong.

Maintenance Service

All the right tools for resolving incidents quickly and flexibly. Let our team support yours.

With global networks supporting the world’s economy and always-connected lifestyle, you need more than a break-fix service. You need a dynamic maintenance toolbox.

Not only does Ciena’s Maintenance Service give you access to the right resources to resolve incidents quickly, but our support also includes a range of capabilities to ensure successful business outcomes. We assign a success advocate and a lead engineer to conduct monthly reviews, provide engineering dispatch, manage spares, automate technical support and ticket sharing, and a plethora of complementary services.

We deliver all of this flexibly, allowing you to choose different support levels according to your needs.

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