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Metro optical architectures

More flexibility when and where you need it

Reduce network complexity, energy consumption, and cost with express high-capacity connectivity

The challenge

As market shifts drive traffic toward the network edge and bandwidth demands continue to increase, you need a more flexible architecture that can support any-to-any connectivity and new distributed metro and edge cloud access.

Our approach

Our metro optical solutions serve as the foundation for innovative services. They are programmable, easily configurable, and can expose network functionality through standard APIs to create opportunities for new services.

The benefits

You can quickly respond to new and unpredictable demands, move capacity where and when needed, support future generations of optical technology, and reduce network complexity and cost.

Interactive tool

Where in your network are you feeling the pressure?

Next-generation metro and edge networks are comprised of key technologies and architecture approaches to address specific use cases that are critical to your business. Explore why traditional approaches to these architectures need to evolve—and how.


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