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Our solutions power the world’s most adaptive networks to address ever-increasing digital demands for richer, more connected experiences for all users.

Access and aggregation

Drive next-generation business services at the network edge

  • Universal aggregation

    Aggregate traffic from TDM, IP, and Ethernet services using dedicated, shared fiber on the same cost-effective routing and switching platform.

  • Broadband

    Build and grow your broadband access network with unprecedented flexibility. Serve more customers in more locations, cost-effectively scale as demand requires, and achieve greater sustainability.

  • CIN

    Evolve the converged interconnect network (CIN) to support a distributed access architecture (DAA) strategy while enabling the adoption of fiber-based access technologies.

  • TDM

    Maintain profitable delivery of TDM services while future-proofing investments toward network transformation, removing aging equipment and consolidating multi-agency services to customers.

  • 4G/5G converged xHaul

    Build a foundation for an agile and seamless 5G evolution with open, programmable xHaul routers and network lifecycle automation across all domains.

  • 5G automation

    Accelerate your 5G journey with comprehensive, zero-touch network and services lifecycle automation.


Evolve your metro network to become more simple, scalable, and sustainable

  • Coherent routing

    Achieve dynamic scalability and network expansion with our coherent routing solution, featuring the latest in IP and optical innovation and cutting-edge multi-layer operations, automation, and services.

  • Metro DCI

    Deliver seamless, high-capacity connectivity between data centers with the smallest footprint and lowest power.

  • Metro optical architectures

    Create opportunities for new services with a programmable, easily configurable metro optical architecture solution that turns your network into an innovation platform to help you grow your business.

  • On-demand wave services

    Provide on-demand, high-capacity wavelength services with enhanced SLA options using dynamic, any-to-any secure connectivity between multiple locations and intelligent automation.

Long haul

Maximize capacity and operational efficiencies with our innovative, flexible long-haul solutions

  • High-capacity switching and transport

    Deliver more capacity, faster, stretching existing fiber assets through the power of industry leading coherent optics and photonic line system innovations combined with advanced analytics.

  • Global DCI

    Deliver widescale, global connectivity between data centers spanning any distance from long-haul to subsea with highly scalable, programmable infrastructure, intelligent software, and automation.

  • Submarine networking

    Scale and protect your critical submarine network infrastructure—and sustainably optimize the return on your network assets.

Open line systems

Gain more visibility and optimize your photonic network assets with our intelligent open line systems

  • Open line systems

    Optimize your photonic network and fiber assets to extract the most capacity and resilience from the network with our fully instrumented open line systems that use real-time analytics and intelligent network control.

Enterprise edge

Accelerate your edge service revenue, including high-value cloud networking and security services, with our comprehensive enterprise edge solutions

  • Secure access service edge

    Converge SD-WAN and security service edge into a single-service, cloud-native, and globally distributed architecture that shifts the security focus from traffic-flow centric to identity centric.

  • Edge routing and switching

    Minimize deployment and infrastructure expenses and ensure the highest levels of assurance and agility in your edge routing and switching.

Secure networking

Mitigate security risks and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data

  • Data security and encryption

    Minimize your data security risks by ensuring that all in-flight data remains confidential with multi-layer encryption capabilities that are easy to deploy.

  • Quantum secure communications

    Strengthen your defenses today and into the quantum era with high-capacity data encryption that can be combined with an external QKD system to provide unconditional security of all critical in-flight data.

Operations and automation

Simplify network and services management with intelligent automation and software-defined control

  • Multi-layer network control

    Simplify, coordinate, and accelerate multi-layer lifecycle operations with intuitive visualization and open APIs.

  • Intelligent automation

    Accelerate your digital transformation with open, multi-vendor automation software that streamlines the entire service delivery lifecycle—from planning and design to activation and assurance.

Network transformation

Accelerate your network transformation with our industry-leading experts, field-proven analytical tools, and tailored approach and methodology

  • Network transformation

    Accelerate your network transformation with our industry-leading experts, field-proven analytical tools, and tailored approach and methodology.

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We provide the tools to build the world’s most adaptive networks for richer, more connected experiences for all users.

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