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Quantum secure communications

Data confidentiality in the quantum era

Strengthen your defenses against quantum computing attacks

The challenge

As quantum computers become powerful enough to break current key exchange algorithms, organizations handling critical information that will maintain its value over time should consider taking steps to mitigate the threat.

Our approach

Ciena’s solution provides inherent resistance against the threat of quantum computers with Ciena’s Waveserver® 5 powered by proven 800 Gb/s encryption and standard open APIs that can communicate with any external QKD system.

The benefits

Minimize your data security risks today and into the quantum era with easy-to-deploy high capacity data encryption that can be combined with an external QKD system to provide unconditional security of all critical in-flight data.

Waveserver platform powered by
800 Gb/s encryption

Quantum secure diagram

We are proud to be at the front-end of developing QKD technology for real-world applications while partnering with industry leaders in the field, such as Toshiba and Ciena.


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