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We provide the tools to build the world’s most adaptive networks for richer, more connected experiences for all users.

Optical networking

Software-defined platforms that deliver scale, agility, flexibility, and openness

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6500 Family of Packet-Optical Platforms

Platforms that enable sustainable network evolution from the edge to the core with scalability, flexibility, and multi-layer programmability

Coherent ELS, a coherent edge line system

A high-capacity, edge-optimized coherent open line system (OLS)


A purpose-built edge OTN demarcation device

WaveLogicTM Coherent Optics

Optics that power 100G to 1.6 Tb/s solutions with scalability, intelligence, and programmability

Waveserver® Family

Stackable interconnect platforms that enable high-capacity, compact, modular transport

Routing and switching

Fully programmable, scalable, disaggregated, and SDN-ready platforms to address your unique requirements, from access to metro

Product image for the 3000 Family

3000 Family

Purpose-built to fit sites of all sizes and types with support for Passive Optical Networks (PONs), TDM, Ethernet, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), IP, and virtual network services

5000 Family

Providing efficient aggregation with PON, Ethernet, MPLS, IP, and Segment Routing capabilities

6500 Packet Transport System (PTS)

Enabling the delivery of legacy TDM services, while future-proofing investments toward network modernization

8700 Packetwave® Platform

A multi-terabit programmable Ethernet-over-DWDM packet switch that enables efficient aggregation and switching of packet traffic while guaranteeing stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

WaveRouter™ Family

Designed to unify IP and Optical in the metro—with ultimate flexibility, future-proof extensibility, and improved network sustainability

USB-C to DB26 Adapter Module

Ciena’s USB-C to DB26 Adapter Module enables customers to connect their dry-contact alarm systems that have a DB26 interface to newer Ciena routing and switching systems that have a USB-C interface

Virtualization Software

Enabling the delivery of multiple network functions from the cloud without requiring purpose-built hardware

Enterprise Route Analyzer

Providing visibility into the dynamic routing operation of the entire network—enabling fast identification and resolution of difficult-to-diagnose network and routing problems.

Multi-layer network control

Portfolio-wide software control, analytics, and automation for lifecycle management of network infrastructure and network services.

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Navigator Network Control Suite™ (Navigator NCS)

Providing a single point of control to visualize and optimize multi-layer, multi-vendor network operations and accelerate operational workflows, which reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation software for network operators

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Blue Planet® Inventory

Unified, accurate, end-to-end view of network resources and services

Blue Planet Orchestration

Vendor-agnostic multi-domain automation and orchestration

Blue Planet Route Optimization and Analysis

Real-time IP/MPLS network visibility, assurance and control

Blue Planet Unified Assurance and Analytics

Network and service assurance based on advanced analytics and machine learning

Blue Planet services and support

Trusted expertise for driving business success

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Our solutions power the world’s most adaptive networks to address ever-increasing digital demands for richer, more connected experiences for all users.

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