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Redefining networks in the age of on-demand

Best-of-breed, open options and a consultative approach. It’s a powerful combination. And it’s transforming networks. We’re powering connections between people, content, places, and things—from down the street to around the world.

What is OPn?
It’s choice. It’s control. It’s our commitment that we’ll embrace openness in our technology so you can more simply operate your network.

Empowering the future

Since its introduction in 2012, OPn has not remained static. It’s a dynamic philosophy that evolves as network needs evolve—delivering the capabilities to meet and enable networks of the future.

Redefining openness

OPn works best in an ego-free zone—working with partners, other technology providers, open APIs, and more—to make networks the best that they can be.

Delivering programmability

Programmability is powerful. And when combined with openness, it’s unstoppable. Customize your network’s capabilities, and do it yourself with our DevOps tools. It’s your choice.

Liquid Spectrum: Optical reimagined for an on-demand world

Cloud. Virtual reality. Internet of Things. 5G. Your network transformation is underway. But it's being engineered, operated, and monetized in the same old static way. You need a smarter, faster way of keeping up with demands. But how?

It's optical, redefined for the on-demand world. It’s Liquid Spectrum.

Converged packet optical

Purpose-built. Problem-solving. Intelligently integrating comprehensive Ethernet, TDM, and WDM capabilities into a single platform helps you efficiently deliver emerging and existing services, from the access edge, along the backbone core, and across ocean floors.

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Routing and Switching

Smart devices. Smart software. Deliver the full range of Ethernet services—from the access edge to the core—with these building blocks for low-touch, high-velocity Ethernet access and aggregation networks.

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Domain control and management

Analytics. Data. Planning. Experience portfolio-wide network management with transparent virtualization, a fully customizable dashboard, and proactive fault isolation.

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Intelligent automation

SDN and NFV are radically changing how networks are built and operated—and how services are delivered. Join the software-based transformation revolution.

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Ciena Services

Accelerate your journey to the Adaptive Network™ with a partner who is focused on your business challenges and has the expertise to solve them.

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