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O-NID AC & DC Plugs

Cost-efficiently extend OTN to the edge

Extend your OTN network closer to the edge with Ciena’s O-NID, a purpose-built edge OTN demarcation device that allows you to modernize your OTN network at a fraction of the power and space of traditional devices. O-NID cost-efficiently delivers GbE, 10GbE, and OTU2/2e services across any OTN-based network, utilizing flexible configurations that seamlessly interwork with your existing 6500 network.

Features and benefits

  1. Energy-efficient OTN NID

    Extend your OTN network to the edge with a hardened network demarcation device that reduces cost, space, and energy consumption compared to traditional solutions.

  2. Flexible applications

    Address multiple applications with AC or DC powering and flexible configuration options, including transponder, muxponder, and add-drop mux.

  3. Operational simplicity

    Simplifies deployments and management with a compact plug-and-play design and a range of easy-to-manage options, including in-band communications.

Ciena Services
is here to help

Ciena Services partners with you to plan, design, and implement your OTN network, enabling you to quickly turn up services while minimizing risk. We help you rapidly extend your OTN applications closer to the edge with our experienced teams and field proven processes ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with every project. In addition, we provide a family of lifecycle Services, including Maintenance, Managed Services, Optimization, and Learning to ensure you get the most from your network investment.