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Ciena’s 8112 Coherent Aggregation Router is  purpose-built for 25GbE services and aggregation.  With dense 1/10/25GbE to 100/200/400GbE aggregation and WaveLogic™ 5 Nano (WL5n), the  8112 addresses the increasing need for medium-capacity routing and switching applications.

Features and benefits

  1. Temperature-hardened (-40°C to +65°C) for temperature-challenged or space-constrained locations

  2. 36 x 1/10/25GbE, 4 x 100/200/400GbE fixed ports

  3. IP routing, SR-MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, and SRv6 ready

  4. Routing and switching OAM scaled to deliver 100GbE services with guaranteed SLA differentiation

  5. SZTP for rapid, secure, and error-free turn-up of services

  6. Advanced synchronization, including built-in GNSS receiver

Why 8112?

Edge dynamics, 25GbE service delivery, and 400 Gb/s transport

As network operators get closer to their customers, the mix  of connections and services—from 1GbE to 25GbE and 1/10/25GbE to 400GbE— are creating the need for 25GbE service delivery and aggregation to 400GbE. The 8112’s high-density, 400G ports can provide significant savings in power, cooling, and transport costs. Video content and streaming giants have pushed cloud content closer to the customer, increasing the need for peering at the edge. With Adaptive IP™, network operators can easily terminate Provider Edge (PE) or route peer Provider (P) traffic for Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and cloud providers on the 8112.

Access to the cloud

As more and more enterprise, mobility, and residential applications are generated and consumed in regional and local edge Data Centers (DCs), there is a growing need to connect to the cloud locally. Ciena’s 8112 is the perfect fit, with four ports of 400GbE—of which two can be 400GbE integrated coherent optics—to help maximize fiber capacity and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) to a local or regional DC.



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