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WaveLogic 5 Nano

Smaller footprint. More applications.

Trusted WaveLogic™ technology. Now in pluggable form.

Reduced power consumption. More high-capacity connectivity.

Whether you need to upgrade to higher data rates at the edge of your network, modernize your existing optical systems, efficiently increase bandwidth between data centers, or migrate your metro-regional network to a converged IP/Optical infrastructure, you can benefit from the modularity, versatility, and scalability of WaveLogic 5 Nano pluggable coherent optics.  Learn more about how you can sustainably evolve your edge, DCI, and metro-regional networks.

WaveLogic 5 Nano: Addressing sustainable network evolution with use-case optimized pluggable optics

Evolve to a fully disaggregated network architecture via a multi-vendor pluggable optics ecosystem

Open networks are underpinned by optical interconnect standards where Ciena is an active leader in driving global efforts. With WL5n Standard QSFP-DD and CFP2-DCO transceivers, you can upgrade your network while relying on a full range of interoperable specifications.

Optimize your network efficiency and performance for metro-regional ROADM applications

Looking to reduce energy consumption and transport costs in your optical network? Are you evaluating converging IP and Optical layers? WL5n Enhanced QSFP-DD and Universal QSFP-DD and CFP2-DCO transceivers deliver maximum performance and flexibility all at lower power and cost per bit than previous 100G-400G coherent technologies. You can choose from the widest pluggable feature set in the industry, including: packet and OTN transport, maximum reach with pluggable optics, support for high span-count ROADM architectures, compatibility with any photonic line system, and the ability to deploy in brownfield environments.

Ciena offers all consumption models for pluggable coherent optics. WL5n is supported across a wide range of Ciena transport and routing and switching platforms as well as select third-party host platforms.

WaveLogic™ 5 Nano benefits

WaveLogic 5 Nano (WL5n) 100G-400G coherent pluggables provide exactly what you need, where you need it:

Looking for a cost-effective way to achieve 400Gb/s capacity over short links between datacenters?

WL5n 400ZR plugs offer lowest-power, highest density single-span datacenter interconnect.

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Want to increase power/space efficiencies of your optical network?

WL5n Standard and Enhanced plugs support transmission over 50GHz as well as flexible grid channel spacing so you can upgrade both brownfield and greenfield networks with leading technology and reduced energy consumption.

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Looking to migrate to a converged IP/Optical architecture?

WL5n Standard and Enhanced plugs in router-optimized form factors support seamless photonic layer integration.

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Need to upgrade your exterior fiber plant connectivity?

WL5n extended temperature, standards-based plugs are hardened for outdoor deployments.

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WaveLogic 5 Nano 100G-400G Universal QSFP-DD

WaveLogic 5 Nano 100G-400G Universal CFP2-DCO

Ciena's WL5n interoperability demonstrations

OFC 2024

Ciena’s WL5n 400G QSFP-DD and CFP2-DCO transceivers demonstrate 400ZR, 400ZR+ and Open ROADM/ITU-T line interop, as well as CMIS interop.

View demo
ECOC 2023

Ciena’s WL5n 400G QSFP-DDs demonstrate 400ZR, 400ZR+ and Open ROADM/ITU-T line interop, as well as CMIS interop.

View demo
OFC 2023

Ciena’s WL5n 400ZR QSFP-DD demonstrates 400ZR line interop and CMIS interop.

View demo
ECOC 2022

Ciena’s WL5n 400ZR QSFP-DD demonstrates 400ZR line interop and CMIS interop.

View demo

Ciena’s WL5n 200G QSFP-DD and CFP2-DCO demonstrate 200G Point-to-Point Coherent Optics (P2PCO) line interoperability.

Learn more

WaveLogic™ 5 Extreme. Transforming networks today.

When you have high-bandwidth 100GbE and 400GbE connectivity requirements
or are looking to maximize fiber capacity and networking efficiencies.



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