6500 Packet-Optical Platform


Architected for high-capacity applications, Ciena’s 6500-D14/S14 configurations converge comprehensive Ethernet, TDM, and WDM capabilities with unconstrained hybrid packet/OTN switching and an intelligent control plane to maximize the bandwidth efficiency and flexibility of the overall network.


No. 1

Utilizes 1.2 Tb/s of unrestricted hybrid packet/OTN switching for the most efficient use of network resources

No. 2

Supports the full suite of photonic architectures for service transport over 2.5G to 800G wavelengths

No. 3

Enables simplified operations and reduced sparing costs through seamless networking flexibility with the 6500 family

No. 4

Supports both muxponder- and central fabric-based packet/OTN switching solutions, enabling cost-optimized configurations

No. 5

Offers industry-leading WaveLogic™ coherent technology and intelligent control plane capabilities for scale and service differentiation

No. 6

Provides a range of differentiated service offerings through various line and equipment protection options


  • +Shelf Variants
    • 6500-D14 Converged Optical
    • 6500-S14 Packet-Optical
  • +Physical Dimensions
    • 6500-D14 Converged Optical
      • 22.7 in (H) x 17.4 in (W) x 11.0 in (D)
      • (577 mm x 443 mm x 280 mm)
    • 6500-S14 Packet-Optical
      • 22.7 in (H) x 17.4 in (W) x 11.0 in (D)
      • (577 mm x 443 mm x 280 mm)
  • +Power Options
    • 6500-D14 Converged Optical
      • Redundant DC, Max 60A
    • 6500-S14 Packet-Optical
      • Redundant DC, Max 60A
      • Redundant DC, Max 2x50A
  • +Central Fabric Switching Capacity
    • 6500-D14 Converged Optical
      • N/A
    • 6500-S14 Packet-Optical
      • 1.2Tb Packet/OTN switching
      • 800G Packet switching for PTS configuration
  • +Number of service card slots
    • 6500-D14 Converged Optical
      • 14
    • 6500-S14 Packet-Optical
      • 14
  • +Photonic Modules
    • Full suite of passive filters, 50GHz, 75GHz, 100GHz, flexible grid ROADMs, EDFAs, Smart Raman, and Colorless, Directionless, Contentionless, Coherent Select Architecture
  • +Transponders/Muxponders
    • Coherent 800G muxponder (4x100GbE + 1x400GbE, 8x100GbE)
    • 400G ADM-on-a-blade: 2x100G/200G coherent line(s) muxponder (36 client ports)
    • Coherent 400G muxponder (4x100G) with integrated OPS (Optical Protection Switch)
    • Coherent 400G flexible service transponder (34 client ports) with integrated OPS
    • Coherent 100GE/OTU4 transponder
    • Coherent 100G muxponder (10x10G)
    • Coherent tunability from 100G to 400G in 50G increments
    • Coherent 200G client card: 2x100GE or 5x40GE/10GE
    • Coherent 100G client cards: 10x10GE, 10x10G multi-rate, 2x40G+2x10G, 100GbE/OTU4 client
    • FIPS-certified AES-256 wire-speed coherent 100G/200G encryption solution
    • 10G: 4x10G multi-rate OTR with FIPS-certified AES-256 wire-speed encryption
    • Ethernet: 152G eMOTR, 68G eMOTR Edge, 30G L2MOTR
    • OTN modules: 8-port OTN Flex MOTR (10G), 1+8 port OTN Flex MOTR* (20G)
    • SONET/SDH 10G ADM-on-a-blade: SuperMux
  • +Packet/OTN switched modules
    • 6500-D14 Converged Optical
      • N/A
    • 6500-S14 Packet-Optical
      • 10x10G Packet/OTN
      • 1x100G + 2x40G Packet/OTN
      • 100G DWDM Packet/OTN
      • 16x2.7G OTN
      • 48xGbE
  • +Packet Transport System (PTS) modules
    • 6500-D14 Converged Optical
      • N/A
    • 6500-S14 Packet-Optical
      • 800G PTS Fabric Card: 1x QSFP28/QSFP+, 2x SFP+
      • Distributed I/O Module (DIM): 84xDS1/E1 DIM
      • Distributed I/O Module (DIM): 24xDS3/E3/EC1 DIM
      • PDH card 2x DIM: 168xDS1/E1 ports or
      • 48xDS3/E3/EC1 CEM
      • Ethernet/Optical MRO 2xSFP+/14xSFP:
        • 16x OC-3/12/STM-1/4 or
        • 8x OC-48/STM-16 or
        • 2x OC192/STM-64 or
        • 16x 100FX/GbE (10/100/1000BaseT) or
        • 2x 10GbE ports
  • +Operating Temperature
    • +41° F to +104° F (+5° C to +40° C)
    • +23° F to +131° F (-5° C to +55° C) short term
  • +Relative Humidity
    • 5% to 85% (non-condensing)
  • +Environmental Characteristics
    • Zone 4

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