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Ever-increasing bandwidth demands have made access network upgrades an urgent priority. But how can you upgrade while also containing costs, maximizing efficiency, and unlocking future revenue streams? The answer is to use a single, highly efficient architecture that can deliver multiple services simultaneously.

Ciena’s Universal Aggregation (UA) solution introduces a new PON architecture by aggregating and delivering traffic across residential broadband, business Ethernet, and mobile networks (4G/5G) on a single platform. This single access architecture, in effect, enables you to build once and sell services three times.


One PON to rule them all?

High-capacity aggregation for every connectivity scenario

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Next-Gen Metro and Edge Global Connectivity Use Cases

Aggregation and converged connectivity—bridging the digital divide

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High-capacity Aggregation Opens New PON Possibilities

Single highly efficiency platform yields greater revenue and resiliency

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Build it once, sell it three times

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Market dynamics are putting new pressure across metro and edge networks, driving the need to evolve these architectures to meet end-user demands. From metro and edge cloud, through business, mobile and residential, learn how Ciena can help you transform your network and own the edge.

Routing and Switching Platforms

Ciena's Routing and Switching solutions combine intelligent devices and software to create the infrastructure necessary to transform your network.

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