Piauí Conectado is a telecoms company based in Teresina, the capital city of Piauí, Brazil—a state in the northeast region of the country that’s known for its lush national parks.

The network provider operates under a public-private partnership with the Piauí state government, with the remit of constructing, operating, and maintaining data, voice, and video infrastructure for the government and its citizens.

In 2019, Piauí Conectado began installing a fiber-optic network aimed at improving education, health, and security in the state. The network currently serves 90% of Piauí’s population, allowing schools, hospitals, law enforcement, and other state agencies to offer services more widely, efficiently, and reliably. The project is expected to reach all 224 municipalities by 2022.

“The first project of its kind in Brazil, our network vitally improves internet availability and quality, bettering educational, public service, healthcare, and entrepreneurship opportunities for the citizens of Piauí,” said Emerson Silva, President of Piauí Conectado.

Added Edson Ribeiro, President of Globaltask, controller of the Piauí Conectado, “This network will reach 100% of Piauí’s population with very high-speed, high-capacity broadband. No one will be left behind—whether in the state capital or a remote location.”

Ciena solutions supporting Piauí Conectado

For the Piauí network, Piauí Conectado leveraged a next-generation metro and edge solution from Ciena to provide connectivity and bandwidth where it’s most needed—closer to end users. The 5166 and 8110 routing and switching platforms give the network provider the flexibility and future-proof capabilities that allow it to  bring services to market faster and more cost effectively.

“Thanks to Ciena’s converged network approach, we can support traffic from multiple service types, allowing us to accommodate B2B services and 5G services in the future,” said Silva.

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