Bestel, a leading telecommunications operator that provides powerful connectivity solutions across Mexico, is utilizing Ciena’s networking solutions to expand internet coverage and provide reliable communication services in 32 states across the country. By deploying a high-capacity 100G DWDM packet network, Bestel and Ciena are working to give public and private organizations more reliable connectivity.

The world’s bandwidth demands continue to increase due to the rise of remote work, telehealth, digital government services and residential streaming demands. Because of this, Bestel’s work with Ciena will ensure that rural and regional communities across Mexico have access to faster and improved digital services that are essential to their everyday lives.

This network enhancement will also help address the needs of underserved communities across Mexico and satisfy growing bandwidth demands driven by cloud applications.

Bestel’s core network provides high-capacity 100Gb/s connectivity across Mexico. The converged packet-optical network leverages integrated coherent optics in Ciena’s 8700 Platform to deliver cost, footprint and power savings. With Ciena’s 5170 Service Aggregation Platform, Bestel can efficiently scale its network and adjust to meet customers’ growing bandwidth demands. Additionally, Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller provides network management and analytical insights to improve network performance.