Summit Broadband, an Orlando-based fiber-optics telecommunications provider, has deployed Ciena’s  Adaptive IP™ approach to boost capacity and expand its network to now serve major cities across Florida.

In his first year as CEO, Kevin Coyne has transformed Summit Broadband’s network to create data superhighways encircling the Florida peninsula, serving customers in Central, West, and Southwest Florida. This recent network expansion gives Summit Broadband even greater flexibility and adaptability to respond to the increasing needs of its customers, including school districts and municipalities.

“The past year has shown us how having access to high-quality connectivity is a necessity for everyday life,” said Coyne. “We chose to invest in deploying Ciena’s cutting edge solutions to bring an enhanced digital experience across Florida, connecting more people and businesses using higher speeds and lower latency services.”

In today’s digital environment, the network needs to be strong enough to handle the incredible increase in data consumption from end users. With Ciena, Summit Broadband’s network can adapt to these fluctuating demands with the speed and simplicity needed to deliver reliable, high-bandwidth services for its customers.

Ciena’s solutions supporting Summit Broadband

Summit Broadband is deploying Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai coherent optics across a flexible 6500 ROADM network, delivering 400GbE wave services to increase capacity and reach more users. Summit Broadband is also utilizing Ciena’s 3926 and 5164 Routing and Switching platforms for cost effective service delivery, as well as Adaptive IP Apps and Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller for real-time visibility and analysis of routing behaviors to optimize network performance and identify issues with greater ease for faster resolution.

Learn more about Summit Broadband by visiting this link.