Software-Defined Networking

Creating an open network platform for innovation in service creation and delivery, and operations and services optimization

What is SDN?
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) will drive significant changes in how networks are built and operated. SDN places more control of network configuration and state in the hands of software—putting greater control of network-based innovation and differentiation in the hands of network operators. It allows greater application of software-based intelligence, promoting operations automation and cost controls—while liberating and accelerating new service creation.

Ciena and SDN
SDN is a key pillar of Ciena's OPn architecture. In the OPn framework, the network becomes a programmable tool, driven with “automated intelligence” delivered by network-level “apps” that work with the centralized network control layer software system. That software system is “flexible through modularity” to permit operators to customize and invent.

Ciena's OPn test-bedan industry first
To accelerate the formation of an OPn ecosystem for the WAN and to provide an environment for Ciena customers and partners to conduct research, trials, demonstrations, and experiments on emerging OPn technologies, Ciena has teamed with R&E community partners Internet2, StarLight, and CANARIE to create an OPn test-bed. The test-bed features extensive and open network programmability—using OpenFlow—and spanning packet, Layer 1 OTN, and optical system control. It includes and is driven by a prototype, open architecture, and multi-layer centralized control system, providing an abstracted northbound API to business applications. The control system features prototype real-time analytics apps driving network resource and revenue optimization.

For the first time, the OPn test-bed brings together the critical mass of piece parts of the future OPn platform for carrier-style WANs—allowing benefits to be clearly proven, and paths to adoption closely studied.

White Paper

The Power of Software in Ciena's OPn Network Architecture

White Paper

Openness from the Top Down: Unleashing the Full Power of SDN for Service Providers