Machine-to-machine traffic flows between pairs of cloud data centers are predominant, large and variable. With a traditional static cloud backbone network, an abundance of expensive ‘slack’ capacity is required to maintain performance. Ciena’s performance-on-demand—fully automated, cloud-driven network provisioning that allocates assured resources where and when they are needed—reduces capacity required by 50 percent.


Self-service, enterprise-class SaaS/PaaS/IaaS cause high-performance bandwidth demands to ebb and flow among enterprise and cloud provider data centers. To cost-effectively support these demands, Ciena’s V-WAN multi-tenant network virtualization and connectivity services automation engine virtualizes the cloud backbone network and enables cloud operations applications and orchestration systems to request automated, policy-driven allocation of shared network resources with optimized utilization.


In a Data Center Without Walls, where workloads may be deployed or migrated wherever necessary to optimize performance and economics, all data centers and the cloud backbone must function as an integrated system. To enable this, Ciena’s MyAdapter parses inter-data center IT events and performance measurements to detect when additional bandwidth is necessary, and then initiates the request to facilitate distributed IT functionality.