Service Delivery Switch

The 3905 is a compact and rugged Ethernet service delivery platform purpose-built to support small cell mobile backhaul applications. It supports all of the necessary features that mobile network operators and wholesale mobile backhaul service providers require to guarantee strict and differentiated SLAs.

Purpose-built: compact and rugged

The 3905 is a carrier-grade Ethernet service delivery platform housed in a hardened enclosure—making it ideal for harsh outdoor installations, as well as unconditioned indoor installations where environmental controls are unavailable. This increased flexibility leads to lower operating costs. The 3905 enclosure supports a wide variety of the mechanical mounting options required for varied small cell installations on poles, masts, strands, and the sides of building walls.

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Guaranteed Ethernet service delivery

The 3905 supports a rich set of standards-based packet OAM tools that ensure strict SLAs can be confidently guaranteed for carrier-grade small cell mobile backhaul networks. A superior mobile network experience has quickly become a key service differentiator in a hyper-competitive market, and the carrier-grade features of the 3905 make this a reality.

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Simpler Ethernet-based network designs

The 3905 is purpose-built for small cell mobile backhaul applications and leverages the inherent scalability, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and ubiquity of Ethernet. Ethernet-based network designs are simpler to roll out on a wide scale, cost less to own and operate, and are extremely reliable when coupled with carrier-grade features.

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Field-proven packet technology

Ciena is a dominant player in the North American macro cell backhaul network market for Ethernet-over-fiber-fed towers. The same field-proven packet, optical, and software technologies are fully leveraged into a compact, rugged, and purpose-built platform intended primarily for small cell backhaul network applications.

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Power-over-Ethernet Plus flexibility

The 3905 offers standards-compliant Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+) capabilities that greatly facilitate installations by directly powering subtended small cell radios with the same cable used for the network connection. This flexibility yields simpler, rapid, and highly cost-effective deployments. PoE+ can also be leveraged for other applications, including intelligent transport systems, the Internet of Things via subtended sensors, video surveillance networks, and Ethernet business services.

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Synchronization and timing

The 3905 has been designed to deliver accurate and scalable frequency, phase, and time across the packet network in some of today’s harshest environments. The capability enables support of applications such as mobile backhaul, synchronization as a service, or smart grid aggregation in either a wholesale environment or a self-managed network.

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Unified management

Uniting the management of Ciena’s Packet Networking, Converged Packet Optical, and Optical Transport portfolios under a single solution, Ciena's OneControl Unified Management System puts the operation of critical networks at the service provider’s fingertips. Through a unified GUI and common management model, operators can rapidly visualize and inventory network assets, deploy new service offerings that cut across domains (access, metro, and core), and coordinate across network protocol layers to ensure efficient use of critical network assets and bandwidth.

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