Software-based transformation

Leveraging software and services to deliver new levels of programmability and agility for a web-scale world.

Mobile devices. The data center. The WAN. All are players in the move to a software-defined industry that gives network operators more control, programmability and responsiveness to business needs.

The momentum behind the shift to Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has seen organizations embrace the benefits and advantages offered by software and virtualization—benefits that center around agility, flexibility, and adaptability. This shift significantly changes how networks are built and operated, as well as how services are created and delivered. An increasingly critical component of any network, software helps meet evolving end-user demands for greater programmability and openness.

The Big 3

No. 1

Automate end-to-end service delivery across multiple physical and virtual domains with a proven orchestration solution

No. 2

Gain DevOps-style control over service creation and operational agility to innovate more rapidly

No. 3

Grow revenue and profitability by delivering on-demand virtualized services with vendor-agnostic software and the best-of-breed network components of your choice

What’s next

IDC Executive Insights predicts that by 2017 65% of organizations will have implemented hybrid environments leveraging in-house and external IT resources. The implications are that networks and the cloud will start to converge and the focus will shift to end-user experience.

Industry insights

An excerpt from IDC Executive Insights captures the shift to a software-defined network. “The network is moving from one based on rigid physical infrastructure to a more software–defined virtual infrastructure that is more closely linked with the targeted services and capabilities. This will enable new capabilities such as NFV. Networks will continue to be a platform for intelligence and play a lead role in providing next-gen security. As networks become more intelligent, they will align to focus more on business outcomes. Network discussions are moving away from static measurements such as availability and latency to improving business outcomes and employee productivity. Instead of provisioning network and cloud resources separately, IT managers will begin to provision them together and build networks that understand applications, and applications that are network-aware.”

Ciena Insights

SDN, NFV and orchestration provide the key building blocks of a next-generation virtualized infrastructure that instantly connects data to users and effectively synchronizes distributed computing resources. The end goal is a truly automated network, which will reduce time to market for new virtual services, and contribute to enhanced revenues.

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