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End-to-end packet networking

Change how you do business with end-to-end service delivery and orchestration.

Packet traffic drives over 75% of the world’s business services bandwidth usage. And that number—driven by mobile data, HDTV, and enterprise WAN connectivity—keeps climbing.

Whether you’re consuming, selling, or building business services, choosing the best approach to addressing your packet networking needs is crucial to achieving your business transformation. 

The Big 3

No. 1

Decrease your time to revenue with on-demand capacity and scalability, growing from 1GbE to 100GbE performance with SDN-powered programmability

No. 2

Simplify service deployment and speed up operations by quickly and easily deploying Ethernet macro and small cells with rapid, error-free zero-touch provisioning

No. 3

Reduce operating expenses with unified network management

What’s next

As the market for high-bandwidth Ethernet service evolves, operators require flexible and rapid infrastructure deployment to keep pace with dynamic network conditions and varying customer requirements. The ideal solution combines cost-effective service delivery and aggregation with carrier-class features, enabling operators to reduce overall deployment lifecycle costs while enabling new Ethernet service offerings.

Industry insights

Many industry verticals are experiencing unprecedented bandwidth growth. With this growth comes a dramatic shift in user traffic patterns thanks to the growing utilization of cloud-based applications, business services, and storage.

The effect of all this growth and continued cloud transition is that connectivity services are vital to business survival and key to business differentiation. Traditional approaches will struggle to deliver the performance levels and cost-points required, but fortunately there are solutions that take into this transition into account and optimize connectivity to be responsive, flexible, and cost-effective.

Ciena Insights

Just as the ongoing transition from legacy transport technologies to Carrier Ethernet in recent years has begun to alleviate the rising cost pressures of exponential data traffic growth, a new wave of data-intensive applications driven by next-generation wireless, small cells, machine-based endpoints, data center connectivity, and increasing adoption of high-bandwidth Ethernet Business Services is contributing to another increase in capacity requirements.

The next logical step in increasing metro Ethernet network capacity is centered around connections up to 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). These connections act as both an infrastructure solution and a service opportunity–transforming the network to meet the next generation of customer demand. However, many offerings from the vendor community lack the required carrier feature set. Or they provide price points resulting in inferior economics and difficult to prove-in business cases.

Packet technologies such as Carrier Ethernet offer a fundamental shift toward an improved cost curve to address the gap between traffic growth and associated service revenues. As the volume of data traffic on the network intensifies, reduced cost per bit and enhanced bandwidth scale provide improvements from a raw capacity perspective. But effective monetization of this additional capacity also requires rich operational tooling and flexible deployment capabilities.

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