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IP Delivered

Automated, open, lean. Because you asked.

Ciena's Adaptive IP

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There’s a better way

With growing user demands for more services and capacity, it’s easy to maintain the status quo of continually adding more protocols to closed IP network designs that are managed by manual, error-prone operational processes.

Is there a better way? There is, and we call it Adaptive IP.

Step into a new way of building IP-based networks—from access to metro—that’s automated, open, and lean. Ciena’s Adaptive IP lets you deliver IP-based connectivity for 5G, IP VPN Business Services, Cloud, Fiber Deep, legacy TDM, and Edge Computing with the service velocity and performance your
customers demand.


Because you asked

You asked us to reimagine IP networks. And to deliver a simplified approach that lets you accelerate time to market and grow your revenues and margins. And that’s what we did. Adaptive IP unburdens the traditional way of designing, deploying, and maintaining IP networks by reducing the complexity associated with legacy network designs—resulting in decreased power, space, and total cost of ownership.

IP Networking Content Spotlight

See what industry analysts are saying about the evolution of IP networks—trends and drivers—and how Ciena’s Adaptive IP meets the challenge head-on with an automated, open, and lean approach to IP networking.

How do you make 5G xHaul simple and future-proof?

Ray Mota of ACG Research answers this question with a list of guidelines that point network planners in the right direction.

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ACG HotSeat Video: Simplifying IP Networks – Trends and Drivers

Ray Mota from ACG interviews Joe Marsella, VP Product Line Management, Ciena. Ray and Joe examine the motivations and drivers for Adaptive IP in this short-form video discussion.

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What's New and Different about IP Networking – Featuring Omdia

Throughout this four-part radio show series, Omdia and Ciena examine a new way to deliver standards-based IP networks—from access to metro—including discussions around 5G xHaul, network slicing, and intelligent automation.

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5G and Adaptive IP

The move to 5G is a long journey that touches everything in the mobile service path, affecting both the wireless and wireline sides of network infrastructure. With Adaptive IP, your journey is optimized by automation, programmable infrastructure, and analytics that deliver the agility you need to allocate network resources with maximum return and performance.

IP VPN Business Services and Adaptive IP

Digital transformation calls for a new approach to network infrastructure. Cloud computing requires IP VPN connectivity to keep pace with dynamic customer requirements. With Adaptive IP, you’ll cost-efficiently meet existing and emerging business opportunities while offering the scalability and flexibility your customers expect.

IP networks reimagined

To succeed with any next-gen network implementation, you need an extremely efficient IP network. Adaptive IP unburdens your network from vendor lock-in while reducing complexity and costs. It simplifies and evolves IP networks using an open and disaggregated approach, supporting multi-vendor environments.

White paper

ACG Research case study: Business Case for Adaptive IP


ACG infographic: Simplifying IP Networks – Business Impact on Network Evolution

5G Requires a New Way to Deliver IP Connectivity
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Get Ready for 5G: Understanding IP Network Requirements
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Stepping-up IP Connectivity
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Additional Adaptive IP Resources

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