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How Financial Enterprises Light Up the Darkness

For some financial institutions, a private dark fiber network provides the control and security they require for data center connectivity. Ciena's Wayne Hickey details the benefits that a dark fiber network can bring.

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Ciena Wins Big with Industry Awards for Software Innovation

Ciena's Blue Planet software suite has been accumulating a nice collection of industry awards. Rick Hamilton, Senior VP of Global Software & Services, has all the details.

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SC17 conference logoSC17: Super Networks for Super Computers

The SC17 conference provides a perfect opportunity to experience the intersection of high-performance computing with high-performance networking. Ciena’s Rod Wilson details all the technology on display at the show.

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MEF imageCan networking be that easy? What’s possible with MEF 3.0, orchestration and great teamwork

Network automation was the topic of the show at MEF17. Ciena’s Abel Tong details two proof-of-concept demos at the show where Ciena Blue Planet teamed with other industry leaders to automate services across the network.

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Why SDN?

Typically, networks have been defined and governed by their tangible properties—the hardware and wiring that make the physical connections between points. Software-Defined Networking (SDN)—a burgeoning network architecture—is turning that approach on its head.

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