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Multi-Layer Networks? Intelligent Multi-Layer Orchestration Has Arrived

There are many challenges that service providers must deal with in multi-layer networks. A majority of them stem from the lack of coordinated visibility and orchestration across the optical and IP/MPLS layers.

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The Future of the Internet Is Fiber Deep

Aging coaxial plants, analog repeaters and limited spectrum make meeting customer demand for fast and reliable service a challenge for today’s Cable MSOs. Ciena’s Elias Cagiannos explains the migratory path that promises to boost internet performance, deliver cost savings.

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Be the Hero of Your Network with Ciena’s Optical Networking Super Bundle

What if you could apply the collective knowledge of some of the world’s best and brightest optical minds to your network? Well, now you can with an incredible limited time offer from Ciena:The Optical Networking Super Bundle.

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3 videos about next-generation 400G networking you must watch

You keep hearing about 400G, but do you understand the technology behind it? Don’t miss these 3 videos that explain what it is, how it works, and how it was developed.

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5 Most Important Fiber Deep Acronyms

Ciena’s resident Cable MSO expert, Wayne Hickey, points out and explains the top five Fiber Deep acronyms you need to know, and as an added bonus, where to download the complete Fiber Deep Glossary of Terms.

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4 Data Center Interconnect Developments You Need to Know

You likely know that interconnect capacity demand continues to grow, but what are the new requirements to support growing applications in DCI?

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Why the Secret Behind Strong Early Adoption of 400G Technology is … 200G

400G is a hot topic these days – but how is it really being used? Ciena’s Optical expert Helen Xenos explains what we mean by 400G – and what is driving the demand for this new technology.

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What Is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile networks, which promises significantly faster data rates and far lower latency than 4G.

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