Past present future arrowNew Cignal AI report looks at past, present and future of coherent technology

Cignal AI has published a new report, “Tracking the Deployment of Third Generation Coherent”. Don’t miss your chance to download it and learn about the latest transition in coherent technology.

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Rise of the connected machines, and the options for connecting them

The Internet of Things is coming, and there is a litany of ways they can be connected to the network. Ciena's Brian Lavallée details the options, and where 5G fits among the choices for IoT connectivity.

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4 ways an Adaptive Network can overcome today’s challenges and take your network to the next level

In the first blog in this series, we discussed the key aspects of the Adaptive Network, and why, as traffic increases and becomes less predictable, effective partnerships will become more critical.

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What Is the Adaptive Network?

The Adaptive Network is a new approach that expands on autonomous networking concepts to transform the static network into a dynamic, programmable environment driven by analytics and intelligence.

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