Predictive analytics: the key to optimizing your optical network

How are network providers using analytics and automation to evolve their networks? Ciena's Paulina Gomez explains – and you can hear the details directly from New Zealand service provider Spark.

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The winning hand in your network operations transformation: MCP Applications

How is Ciena's Manage, Control and Plan offering taking network operations to a new level of intelligent software control and automation? Ciena's Marie Fiala explains.

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Puzzel pieces Advanced Support Services: Enabling service providers to extend a seamless customer experience

IDC estimates that CSPs worldwide have approximately 16 hours of downtime per year at a cost of $3.1M per hour.

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Scenic road How Service Electric Cablevision is scaling up its network – and their customers' connection to the world

To provide their communities and customers with the level of connectivity needed for today's pace of business and life, Service Electric Cablevision is deploying a new high-capacity, intelligent and programmable network with Ciena's WaveLogic 5 Extreme.

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Blue light sunburst 5G xHaul transport can be complex: how to make it simple and future-proof

Is there a way to make 5G xHaul transport simple and future-proof? Ray Mota of ACG Research answers this question by listing guidelines that point network planners in the right direction toward simplifying and future-proofing the xHaul transport network.

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400GbE Everywhere. The Rise of an Emerging Force.