Colored paper and question markQ&A: Learning More about CableLabs® New Coherent Optical Specification

The recently released CableLabs specification for coherent optics is a significant development to support DAA, we sit down with Ciena’s Eric Maniloff and Chris Gosnell to learn more.

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One year of Programmable 400G: Insights into how WaveLogic Ai has changed the optical landscape

Ciena’s Helen Xenos takes a moment to share what we have learned in this whirlwind year, and why it’s important for the optical industry.

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Listen to Your Submarine Network!

You want to know if your submarine network is operating correctly right? Well, why not ask the network itself? Ciena’s submarine expert Brian Lavallée explains how network operators can use predictive analytics to take real actions to optimize the utilization of their submerged assets.

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What is optical encryption?

Optical encryption is a means of securing in-flight data in the transport layer of the network as it is carried over optical waves across fiber-optic cables.

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