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To fiber or not to fiber, that is the question

Fiber is the workhorse of today's global network infrastructure. But what do you do when fiber is just not an option?

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Capital building

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When it comes to designing any network, success depends on the ability to keep traffic flowing freely. The key to doing this is to build large, high-capacity routes that bring traffic as close as possible to its final destination – minimizing the distance it needs to travel and paths it need to cross.

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Packet design on concert backgroundCiena Completes Acquisition of Packet Design

Ciena has officially completed the acquisition of Packet Design. Rick Hamilton, SVP of Global Software and Services at Ciena, details how the integration of these new capabilities into our Blue Planet portfolio will help our customers in their path to the Adaptive Network.

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Man with pink bowtieAll dressed up, and nowhere to go

With the world's data centers increasingly connected across continents, there's now a critical symbiotic relationship between submarine and terrestrial network operators.

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Confidential stampIs your network able to keep data private and confidential?

There is growing pressure on organizations to better protect their sensitive customer and operational data. Ciena’s Patrick Scully explains what technology is needed so your user data and key network information remains private.

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What is ONOS?

ONOS is the open-source SDN platform for service provider networks. .

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