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3 videos about next-generation 400G networking you must watch

You keep hearing about 400G, but do you understand the technology behind it? Don’t miss these 3 videos that explain what it is, how it works, and how it was developed.

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D-NFV - Big Opportunity for Service Providers

A recent Ovum study shows that more than 95% of enterprise customers are aware of NFV and expect it to increase network flexibility and performance. For Service Providers, this presents an opportunity to provide managed services based on NFV.

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Apollo 10 ChecklistWhat criteria does a layer 1 encryption solution need to meet?

Tom Engels of Telindus provides a certification checklist to make sure you get the right level of security and compliance with your encryption solution.

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Colorful cityscape at nightPodcast: Spotlight on India - The Next Digital Frontier

Join Ciena’s Ryan Perera and Dimple Amin as they discuss the company’s expansion in the region as well as share insights on the where the country’s telecom industry is headed.

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What is SDN?

SDN enables consistent management of the network, which may be made up of complex technology parts.

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