Ciena team members

Meet the People who brought 400G to Optical

Bringing 400G to market is about innovation, but it’s more than just moving more bits. Helen Xenos brings you the team that made it happen.

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Building design

7 key considerations when evolving your R&E Network

Ciena's Vini Santos shares a list of fundamental pillars to consider in R&E network evolution planning. These pillars are important, not only for the long-term, but also should be taken into consideration before every upgrade or new project.

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Close up of judge's gavelHow new legislation is changing data protection requirements

Cyber security is on everyone’s minds these days—with high-profile hacks affecting Equifax and Whole Foods in the headlines in just the past few weeks. Coincidentally, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness of the importance of a holistic security program.

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Young people smilingHow Some Cable Operators Plan to Go Mobile

With increasingly fiber-based networks and millions of WiFi hotspots to leverage, some cable operators are considering being resellers of wireless communications services or Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

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Why DCI?

Data centers are growing at an unprecedented rate. There are already 7,500 around the globe, so there’s a good chance your business owns or connects to one or more. These data centers aren’t islands, though.

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