How big of an undertaking is involved with bringing WaveLogic Ai to market? It’s more than just moving more bits.

What does it take to introduce a new, transformational  networking technology to market?  How do  you deliver innovation that brings tremendous value to customers one year  earlier than they could access it otherwise?

You use a team that has done it before. With 40G, with 100G,  with 200G, and now with 400G.

The Innovation

Ciena’s WaveLogic  Ai, our recently  available next generation coherent technology, is establishing new  performance and economic benchmarks in optical networking. Operators can now  double the capacity they can carry for each transponder they deploy and go  longer distances without the need for regenerators. They can offer  differentiated higher capacity wavelength services and gain efficiencies in DCI  and metro applications with the industry’s first single carrier 400G solution.

How big of an undertaking is involved with bringing WaveLogic Ai to market?  It’s more than just moving more bits.

The People

This type of innovation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes  commitment, from a team of several hundred people across a wide functional  skillset that are the best at what they do. That’s Ciena’s WaveLogic team, a  team that includes the experts who introduced coherent technology in commercial  optical systems in 2008 and the industry’s first 100G in 2009.

WaveLogic AI DeliveryHow big of an undertaking is involved with bringing WaveLogic Ai to market? It’s more than just moving more bits.

It takes a deep understanding of customer networking  challenges across a wide range of application spaces to translate these into  technical requirements. It requires experts in optical propagation, high speed  analog, digital signal processing, machine learning and ASIC design to translate  a very complex technical undertaking into a commercial offering. Software  design, systems and verification engineers ensure the final product is  operationally simple and robust. Our experienced link engineering team provides  system performance guarantees.

Finally, supply chain experts make sure we can help our  customers ramp on a global scale. With our team’s experience, along with tight  program management, many of these activities were completed in parallel to  accelerate time-to-market.  Our proven  ability to deliver industry-leading solutions to the market is the reason Ciena  is ranked #1 by service providers globally in technology innovation and  R&D.

With our move  to our brand new Ottawa campus this year, we were unable to hold our annual  Vectors event, where we open our R&D labs to customers, partners, and  analysts. There they get to meet some of the best and brightest network  engineers, share ideas, and gain insights into what’s coming next in the  communications industry.

But you can still meet some of them today. Sit back, relax,  and meet some of the folks that brought 400G to optical by watching the video  below. And if you’d like to see our WaveLogic Ai solution   in action, you can watch  this In the Lab demo too.

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