Graduate to a Next-Gen Network with OTN
Specialist: Paulina Gomez
The transition towards a more programmable optical network has begun and the OTN protocol has evolved to enable a more dynamic and flexible network. Enroll in this session to learn how OTN provides a complete next-gen networking solution. Hear about customer use cases that demonstrate how the power of OTN enables service velocity and differentiation, as well as the ability to future-proof the network way beyond 100G.

Next-Gen DCI – As Simple as 1,2,3
Specialist: Kent Jordan
Does your DCI network make the grade? Or is it struggling to deliver superior end-customer experiences for the most demanding applications and data services? Enroll in this session to learn how high-capacity, next-gen coherent solutions combined with simple, server-like operations can improve your DCI marks across the board.

The A,B,Cs of Next-Generation Coherent 
Specialist: Helen Xenos 
What are the important elements of next-generation coherent solutions? How do these translate to new service offerings and network efficiencies? Enroll in this session to learn all you need to know about these new solutions, including examples of savings realized with real-world deployments.

Beyond Chemistry Class: Discovering and Mining the ‘Liquid’ of Optical Networks
Specialist: Helen Xenos
There’s a need for a new type of optical network—an agile, programmable network that can meet the networking challenges of the next 10 years. Enroll in this session to learn about the little-used ‘liquid’ part of optical networks that operators can mine to extract the most value out of existing network investments, and graduate from resorting to network overbuilds in anticipation of every possible demand that may arise.