Strategies to evolve and scale your optical network in an unpredictable world

Yesterday’s speeds and feeds just can’t cut it in today’s environment, let alone tomorrow’s. Traffic is growing at a faster rate than fiber deployment—and optimizing efficiencies of the optical layer part of your network will be critical to meet a future of growing unexpected demands. This requires taking a hard look at existing architectures and evolving your approach.

Performance vs. Pluggables. Making the Right Coherent Technology Choice.

With two distinct, viable technology options to choose from, providers are faced with the dilemma of making the right choice for evolving their networks. Which one is the right choice for your organization? This webinar will address this question, and more, including case studies performed on real customer networks.

Plug and Play. What You Need to Know for Practical Deployment of Coherent Plugs.

What are the key features and performance metrics of these new 400G pluggable products and where is it most advantageous for operators to deploy them? Hear about key foundational technologies and components required to build coherent plugs and the network applications where their modularity and density benefits really shine.

Battle of the Bands. Get More Spectrum for More Fiber Capacity.

Which technology will prevail in this battle of the bands? 2 x C-band? Super C-band? C&L-band? We’ll examine each architecture and compare the technical specifications, costs, and operational considerations.

Keys to Optimization. Unlock Your Network’s Potential with SDN Applications.

The keys to unlocking the optimal balance of optical network performance, efficiency, and availability are at your fingertips with these new intelligent software automation capabilities. Learn about the role of software control and automation in driving successful network evolution.