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How to differentiate your customer experience with advanced network analytics

When it comes to delivering a winning customer experience and staying ahead of your competitors, network data may have all the answers, says Joe Marsella, Vice President, Field Systems Engineering at Ciena.

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The world underwater

The Ciena Insights Podcast - Episode 3: Submarine Networks

Contrary to popular belief, satellites account for a miniscule part of keeping the world connected. Submarine networks do the heavy lifting—all from the depths of the ocean floors. In fact, submarine networks carry over 99% of the world’s intercontinental electronic communications traffic.

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Tower with lightningCiena And Schweitzer Engineering Labs Team Up On Ultra Low Latency Solution For Utilities

Avoiding power outages requires a solution ultra low latency and failover performance. Ciena has partnered with a best in class solution from Schweitzer Engineering Labs to address this specific challenge. Ciena's Mitch Simcoe explains.

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Fire and ice meet

Shannon’s Limit, or Opportunity?

There’s a looming limit to how many bits can be crammed into an optical fiber, known as the Shannon Limit. Ciena's Brian Lavallée details what it means and how the industry is finding creating solutions.

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What Is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile networks, which promises significantly faster data rates and far lower latency than 4G

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