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Move Over 200G, 400G is the New Sexy

The 400G era is here, with Ciena's new WaveLogic Ai chipset making news with some of the world's largest service providers. Ciena's Helen Xenos digs into the details.

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Classroom deniedEdTech: 6 Reasons Why Your E-Rate Funding Request Will Be Denied

Wondering why your E-Rate funding request was denied or delayed? You might be making one of these common mistakes when it comes to submitting your E-Rate funding request. Ciena's SLED & Healthcare Industry Advisor, Daniele Loffreda, explains.

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Our involvement with AT&T’s 400GbE trial and what it means for the industry

AT&T has successfully trialed 400GbE across its production network. Helen Xenos details how Ciena helped make it happen, and what this milestone means for the industry.

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What Is WDM?

WDM is a technique in fiber optic transmission that enables the use of multiple light wavelengths (or colors) to send data over the same medium. Two or more colors of light can travel on one fiber and several signals can be transmitted in an optical waveguide at differing wavelengths.

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