WaveLogic Ai

Bringing programmable capacity to optical networking

Lay the foundation for the Adaptive Network™

Intelligent. Programmable. Adaptive. Do these characteristics describe your network? In today’s on-demand world, your network needs to adapt to thrive. WaveLogic Ai, the industry’s first programmable 400G, paves the way.

Reduce your transport costs with double the capacity of 100G/200G solutions. Automate your network using real-time performance metrics so it can adapt to today’s increasingly dynamic service requirements. Now you can drive new levels of efficiency using systems intelligence and programmability.

Why WaveLogic Ai?

Higher capacity connectivity

Reduce transport costs and satisfy customer demand for high-quality connectivity with the ability to double channel capacity or extend unregenerated reach by three times compared to 100G/200G solutions.

Increased programmability

With adjustable line rates from 100G to 400G in 50G increments, you can better match capacity to system margin—all with a single technology that can address any application, from high capacity, short-reach metro to ultra-long-haul submarine.

New levels of visibility

With access to real-time link monitoring data, you can now accurately engineer the network for optimal capacity and maximum efficiency.

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