In the age of the content economy, demand keeps exploding and digital transformation isn’t optional.

You've made a lot of progress. But let's face it—your business operations are only as good as the weakest link between your IT and the network. To succeed, you need to break down the barriers between IT and the network to intelligently automate your critical business processes. The result: unprecedented levels of agility, control, and adaptation across your network and operations.

Join Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Solutions and Engineering at Blue Planet, and James Crawshaw, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, for an insightful discussion that looks beyond network automation to the transformation that can be realized from the powerhouse combination of IT and the network.

Topics include:

  • Key building blocks of a modernized OSS that help break down barriers between network and IT
  • How these components work together to optimize critical business processes and enable intelligent automation
  • Success stories of service providers who have deployed automation across their operations and network infrastructure