Traditional Ethernet service activation is too slow, too error-prone, and too expensive for today’s fast-paced market requirements. The impact? A multi-week order-to-service process with a high order fallout rate and exorbitant operations costs that negatively impact your competitiveness and profitability.

What if there’s a better way to design, configure, and provision Ethernet services—one that cuts OPEX and accelerates your order-to-service interval.

Join Blue Planet's Kevin Wade and Tom DiMicelli, along with Andreas Uys, Chief Technology Officer, Dark Fibre Africa (DFA), to learn how:

  • DFA used modern, open interfaces and standards to overcome the constraints of traditional Ethernet service activation
  • Ciena’s Blue Planet® automates Ethernet service design and provisioning end to end, across multi-domain, multi-vendor networks, help you cut weeks—and up to 85 percent of the OPEX—from your order-to-service process
  • You can apply for your free 45-day Ethernet Service Activation solution trial

If you’re ready to exploit 21st century technologies to streamline your order-to-service process and delight your customers with rapid service activation, you don’t want to miss this Webinar!

Featured speakers:

  • Andreas Uys, CTO, DFA Access
  • Kevin Wade, Sr. Director and Product Marketing Team Leader, Blue Planet
  • Tom DiMicelli, Senior Advisor, Blue Planet Portfolio Marketing

Welcome to the new world of intelligent automation. Blue Planet®.