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Bringing the economics and agility of a cloud data center to the service provider central office.

The objective of CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Data center) is to replace the proprietary infrastructure of the traditional central office with open software and commoditized hardware building blocks. Think SDN, NFV, and cloud software running on commodity servers and white box switches—to deliver data center economies of scale and cloud-like agility to service provider networks.

The Big 3

No. 1

Features a compelling combination of the technologies that are purpose-built for service providers, including SDN, NFV, and cloud open-source software, white box switches, and data center servers

No. 2

Addresses the central office network infrastructure, which has remained largely unchanged for the last thirty years

No. 3

Applies state-of-the-art technologies to deliver Residential (R-CORD), Enterprise (E-CORD), and Mobile (M-CORD) access services more quickly and cost-effectively

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What’s next

Blue Planet’s multi-domain orchestration capabilities also play an important role within CORD. As an open, vendor-agnostic platform that streamlines the integration of different SDN, NFV, cloud, and legacy network components, Blue Planet is uniquely positioned to help network operators who are investigating CORD automate services from end-to-end.

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Industry insights

CORD is one of the primary use cases for the Open Network Operating System (ONOS), an open-source SDN controller for service providers and other mission-critical networks. ONOS was developed by ON.Lab in collaboration with a global community of partners that includes Tier 1 network operators and industry-leading vendors (Ciena's Blue Planet division, among others). Since it was first unveiled in 2015 by AT&T, ON.Lab, and others, CORD has experienced major momentum and adoption among service providers, who are actively collaborating and accelerating its development and use in production networks.

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Ciena Insights

Ciena’s Blue Planet division is right in the middle of this momentum with the Blue Planet ONOS solution—a commercially-hardened distribution of ONOS focused primarily on CORD, and backed by Ciena’s world-class software development, service, and support.

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