Globe with submarine connections

Detecting undersea earthquakes with cross-industry collaboration

Is it possible to detect undersea earthquakes and tsunamis without sensors attached to wet plants, old and new? Yes, by detecting State of Polarization (SOP) changes using coherent optical modems. This novel detection is exactly what Ciena is working in partnership with academic institutions and several submarine cable operators to make possible.

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Multi-layered cake

The frosting on the multi-layered cake – an awesome consumer experience!

Have you ever sliced through a multi-layered cake and been amazed at how the different layers stack on top of one other without falling over? Without an expert, the delicious cake can topple over. Communications networks are like those multi-layered cakes, and over-the-top applications are the frosting.

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Person climbing cell tower in winter weather Customize your Broadband and 5G Edge

With Ciena’s new 5131 Weatherproof Router we will bring more capacity even closer to the network edge, enabling deployment into the most challenging outdoor uncontrolled locations. Learn more about the latest additions to our Routing and Switching family.

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What is vCPE?

vCPE transforms previously hardware-based operations into software-based virtual functions.

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