Own 5G. Own the Edge.

5G has quickly gone from hype to reality with live commercial deployments taking place worldwide. How can network operators best compete in this hyper-competitive market to help them own the edge? By taking an adaptive approach to designing best-in-breed 5G networks that are open by design, automated, and highly scalable.

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Cell tower

The Ciena Insights Podcast - Episode 50: American Tower’s Ed Knapp talks 5G, the edge and more with Ciena

What’s driving today’s wireless industry? Ciena customer American Tower shares insights on all things wireless—5G, O-RAN, edge cloud, IoT, AR/VR and more—from the perspective of a telecom tower company. Also hear about a recent private 5G proof of concept conducted by American Tower and Ciena.

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Data center employees Don’t go it alone: these experts apply an automation framework approach to your network upgrade

Your company’s future depends on getting your network transformation project right the first time. Ciena’s Marc-Antoine de Santis details how an experienced team using an automation framework can make it happen.

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What is L-band?

L-band, or long band, is a wavelength band immediately adjacent to the Conventional band (C-band) initially used to expand the capacity of terrestrial DWDM optical networks. It is now being introduced to submarine cable operators to do the same thing—expand the total capacity of a submarine cable.

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