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Creating a winning network at the edge

Analysys Mason Chief Analyst Caroline Chappell on the future of the edge network and its potential impact for CSPs.

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Ciena’s Middle-Mile Capacity Forecast calculator

Middle-Mile Capacity Calculator for Residential Broadband

How can a rural operator get an estimate of middle-mile bandwidth requirements for their situation? Things just got easier. With Ciena’s Middle-Mile Capacity Forecast calculator, you can finally remove the guesswork and ensure your middle-mile network can deliver the broadband demands of tomorrow. Watch our video for a demo of this new tool, checkout the calculator, and receive a full report based on your inputs.

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Optical wires Altibox Carrier’s NO-UK Submarine Cable: Open. Green. Scalable.

Recently, Altibox Carrier announced that the NO-UK submarine cable system achieved record-breaking 800Gb/s line rate with Ciena—an industry first over repeatered submarine cables. Ciena’s Brian Lavallée, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing, discusses this important industry milestone, as well as several other aspects of this new submarine cable, and what this means for Altibox Carrier’s customers.

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What is CORD?

Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD) replaces the proprietary infrastructure of the traditional central office with open software and commoditized hardware building blocks.

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