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Disruptive innovation possible even in the most mature economies

How do you disrupt one of the most mature markets in telecom? By not following conventional wisdom. Ciena’s Rick Seeto explains.

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To repeat, or not repeat, that is the question

Are you familiar with unrepeatered submarine cables? As Ciena’s Brian Lavallée often gets asked about this lesser-known technology, he took some time to explain what they are, when to use them, and why they’re important.

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From the archive: Breaking down the barriers between IT & network

Improving the operational agility between IT and network operations may not be sexy, but it has potentially significant cost-saving benefits.

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What Is Federation?

The vast majority of network providers around the world have a common problem: inefficient network operations due to too many, fragmented Operational Support Systems (OSS). The same can be said for large enterprises or utility companies that operate sizable networks.

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