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Want your utility network functions to operate like your smartphone? Now they can.

The demand for smarter networks at the edge has changed how network functions should be delivered. Mitch Simcoe explains why utilities should be leveraging virtualization to get critical operational benefits.

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Navigating vendor equipment swaps: Minimizing risk while maximizing outcomes leveraging data-informed tools and automation

Vendor equipment swaps are typically complex from a technical as well as an operational standpoint due to the need to ensure network service continuity and stability during the transition process. Chris Antlitz details a real-world use case that involved multiple vendors and an aggressive timetable.

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Woman using VR headsetWinning at the edge: How openness and automation help clear the biggest hurdles standing in the way of delivering edge cloud services

Our industry is still in the process of clearly defining what and where “the edge” is, with multiple stakeholders both competing and cooperating in this high-stakes race. This makes openness and automation vital for service providers to successfully manage and deliver new edge cloud services to end-customers, says Rick Hamilton, Senior VP of Blue Planet.

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What is mobile backhaul

Mobile Backhaul (MBH) is the process of connecting cell site air interfaces to wireline networks, which are subsequently connected to data centers that host the content and applications accessed by mobile users—both human and machine

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