View of road from view of a car's side mirror

Learn about the technology behind Ciena’s WaveLogic 5

In our latest Chalk Talk videos, Ciena’s Joe Shapiro gives you a closer look at our WaveLogic 5 solutions and describes the industry-leading networking benefits our customers can achieve with these solutions.

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Presenter onstage at DTW 2019

Operations on the move at DTW 2019

Traditionally, OSS has been seen as lagging when it came to software innovations, playing catch-up after new technologies have well progressed on the adoption curve.

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Man on the ocean with a laptopGreen submarine cables – get SMART!

What are SMART cables and how are scientists looking to use them to understand more about our oceans? Ciena’s Brian Lavallée explains the potential benefits and challenges ahead.

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Ciena Community is Three: Year in Review

We hope you have your party hat and horn nearby because it’s time to pull them out and celebrate another year of the Ciena Community!

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