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Carrier Ethernet 101: Speeds, Standards and Services

Carrier Ethernet innovation is moving at an impressive pace. Between the various industry groups and standards bodies, as well as multiple concurrent standards efforts, it’s often hard to keep up. To make sense of it all, our Carrier Ethernet guru John Hawkins gives you an overview of the speeds, standards and services associated with Carrier Ethernet.

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Upside-down cityscapeNetwork Traffic Challenges? It’s Time for a New Perspective

Escalating bandwidth demands can mean only one thing…costly and complex network upgrades. But what if you could look at the challenge from a completely different perspective? Ciena’s Kent Jordan explains how.

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8 Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About Submarine Networking

Ciena's subsea expert Brian Lavallée tests your knowledge of the world of submarine cable networks with this list of facts and figures.

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Teach your OTN some new packet tricks

OTN as a carrier infrastructure has taken off in the past decade for lots of good reasons. Ciena's John Hawkins explains how you can now teach your OTN network some cool packet tricks as well.

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Sketch of light bulbA DevOps Primer for Service Providers: 10 Key Technologies You Should Know

Looking to adopt DevOps concepts in your network? Ciena's Kevin Wade has 10 key technologies and tools you need to be familiar with.

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White notes with black question markImportant Questions About the Future of 5G

5G is coming, but what does it mean for bandwidth and the networks that are tasked with handling the huge capacities that 5G brings? In this Q&A, Ciena's Brian Lavallée answers some of the key questions about the future of 5G.

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Ciena ribbon cutting #Ciena25: 25 pictures from 25 years at Ciena

2017 marks the 25-year anniversary of Ciena's founding in 1992. To celebrate, we look back at the people, pictures and technologies that have made us who we are today.

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What is SD-WAN?

The Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) applies SDN principles to WANs. SD-WAN holds the promise of being a more cost-effective and simpler way to connect enterprise branches and corporate data centers, through centralized programmability.

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