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Your future

As demand grows and new competitive pressures emerge, you need to stay ahead of the curve—defining the future instead of reacting to it. With Ciena and Blue Planet® as your partners, Telstra can deliver an unparalleled customer experience through faster, more adaptive, resilient, and secure network services.


Disruption can come from anywhere. Design a simpler, more flexible future together.

The bar for a great customer experience and high customer satisfaction is only getting higher, so you can’t afford to compromise on high speed, low latency, and overall performance. We’re here to work with you as you build a network that helps meet your customers’ expectations of availability, innovative solutions and seamless, flexible experiences.

With Blue Planet® software, Telstra engineers now configure new equipment into the network inventory management system in one hour—a task which used to take two to three days. Learn more.


Distance yourself from the pack with intelligent, flexible, data-driven network services

Your ability to innovate is critical to predict future trends and preferences, continuously assess your services for issues, and provide an unrivaled customer experience. Working with Ciena and Blue Planet®, you can stand out from the crowd and deliver data-driven, intelligent and flexible network services for customers of all sizes across Australia and the world.

In 2015, Telstra was awarded a Guinness World Record for the longest un-regenerated terrestrial fibre optic link, covering 10,358.16 km. Learn what this means for the future of network performance, the customer experience, and intelligent, automated digitisation. Learn more.


The world isn’t slowing down. Are you speeding up?

You need a partner who supports the wider objectives of your business—driving more efficient processes, better business intelligence, and higher profitability. With Ciena and Blue Planet®, you can deliver a smarter and faster network, faster service delivery, faster solutions for customers, and a faster route to revenue for Telstra.

In 2018, Telstra achieved the world's fastest 400 Gb/s per wavelength speeds on its Melbourne production network using the fully programmable Ciena coherent modem. Learn what this means for delivering a great customer experience with network traffic poised to grow five times in five years. Learn more.


Design the smart, resilient networks of the future with a partner you know and trust.

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to securing your network, protecting your reputation and staying ahead of an ever-evolving threat landscape. We’re part of Telstra’s network today. By continuing to work with Ciena and Blue Planet®, you can confidently plan and deliver the next generation of smart, resilient, reliable and sustainable networks.

With Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme solution, delivered together with Ericsson, Telstra reduced service restoration time on its busiest subsea cable routes from hours to minutes—all without manual intervention. Learn what this means for the future of more adaptive and resilient networks. Learn more.

Ciena and Blue Planet® solutions

Becoming the digital telco of the future requires a partner committed to helping you stay ahead of the curve. Ciena and Blue Planet® have the solutions to help you achieve your biggest goals.

Meet the team

Bill Wallace

Bill Wallace White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Vice President, Telstra Group, Hometown: Rutherglen, Glasgow, Hobbies: Watching Sport (Football, Rugby, Horse Racing), Growing Chilis, Drinking Wine, A great weekend is... Day at the races, watching Rangers winning, post-match drinks with Stephen Gerrard, BBQ with my family.

Aman Bhalla

Aman Bhalla White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Consultant-System Engineering, Hometown: Delhi, India, Hobbies: Running, Kids Soccer Coaching, A great weekend is... Family bike ride, Long run, long BBQ lunches.

Andac Sozeri

Andac Sozeri White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Consultant, System Engineering, Hometown: Eskisehir, Turkey, Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Cycling, A great weekend is... Enjoying outdoors with family, BBQ’ing.

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Director, Enterprise Solutions, Hometown: Cranbourne, Victoria, Hobbies: Woodworking, Metalworking, A great weekend is... Early morning run or bushwalk, some tinkering in the shed or gardening during the day, dinner party with friends…preferably with a sneaky bottle of wine or two.

Con Agnew

Con Agnew White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Principal Solution Architect, Hometown: Melbourne , Australia, Hobbies: Walking , Cooking BBQs, Gardening, Watching Sports!!, A great weekend is... Watching football (both AFL and Soccer), Cooking a BBQ and Drinking with friends and family!!

David Fasken

David Fasken White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Solution Leader, Hometown: Melbourne, Australia, Hobbies: Running, Reading, Hiking, Surfing, Music Festivals, A great weekend is... Break from work, Socialising, Getting away from suburbia.

Dejan Tanaskovski

Dejan Tanaskovski White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Customer Success Advocate, Hometown: Skopje, Macedonia, Hobbies: Gardening, Exploring Victoria, Holidays with family, A great weekend is... Cooking, Spending time with family, Watching a movie.

Diego Marre

Diego Marre White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Carrier Managed Services (CMS) Lead, APJ, Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hobbies: Golf, Ski, Motorcycle and Mountain Bike Riding, A great weekend is... Early morning ride to a nice winery in the Hunter Valley for lunch. Spend the afternoon with the family and head out to dinner with friends at night.

Joe Cunsolo

Joe Cunsolo White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Telstra Account Director, Blue Planet, Hometown: Melbourne, Australia, Hobbies: Running, Football, Gardening, Sports, Cooking, Home-schooling, A great weekend is... In a swag, by a river with a camp fire.

Karen Hunkin

Karen Hunkin White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Marketing Leader, ANZ, Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand, Hobbies: Travel, Going to the Gym, Reading, Wine, Watching Sport, Listening to Music, A great weekend is... Getting on a plane somewhere, catching up with friends, some outdoor time, good food, wine and exploring.

Mike Nimiczeck

Mike Nimiczeck White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Solutions engineering, Hometown: Santa Rosa, California, Hobbies: Photography, cars, walking, cycling, swimming, enjoying great wine & food, A great weekend is... Spending time at the beach with family & friends, visiting a local winery for a nice meal & wine.

Ricardo Adan

Ricardo Adan White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Blue Planet Solutions Architect, Hometown: Madrid, Spain, Hobbies: Cinema, Photography, Reading, Wine, Cheese and Running, A great weekend is... Taking a hike in the bush and end the day with a glass of wine with some cheese and good company.

Sue Cox

Sue Cox White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Consultant, Services Sales, Hometown: Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Hobbies: Sport, Gardening, Holidays with family, A great weekend is... Community sport, going to the footy (Go Bombers!) and gardening at home.

Troy Giorgio

Troy Giorgio White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Principal Solution Architect, Hometown: Small country town along the Murray River called Koondrook, Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends (have 2 little girls) and travelling overseas every chance we can get, A great weekend is... Weekend away somewhere along the coast or finding a nice winery for good food and drinks.

Usen Tulemis

Usen Tulemis White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Routing & Switching Business Development, Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan, Hobbies: Cycling, Rock-climbing, Wine/Beer Drinking and Cars, A great weekend is... Going for weekend adventure road & bike trips with the family, dining out.

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