Service providers face an urgent strategic need to integrate connectivity services into their IT/cloud ecosystems. Connectivity resources must join computing and storage resources as shared assets that can be monetized to serve enterprise applications.

Service providers face multiple challenges to growing revenue in the connectivity services market, such as:

  • Increased competition in more mature markets
  • Inconsistent fiber access
  • New cloud business ecosystem
  • Internal complexity and cost
  • Lack of consistency in service attributes
  • Lack of flexibility and agility

Network monetization aims to accelerate the revenue service providers get from their services. It assesses network monetization needs and produces a set of tailored services, programs, and solutions that define offerings, illustrate effective vertical marketing techniques, and target the appropriate customer base.

The as-a-service model (including connectivity, cloud, and enterprise applications) is increasingly relevant in the wireline enterprise and wholesale segments.

Network monetization is a structured design and analytical approach to ensure that, in the cloud era, service providers can fully monetize their networks.

Ciena provides a broad range of network monetization services, including:

Network services design: The goal here is to differentiate your network services in mature services markets, create new services to bring new value to your customers, and address new IT outsourcing requirements and cloud services.

Ciena’s consultative engagement will help you:

  • Assess your network monetization strategy
  • Design the portfolio of services that’s right for your target markets
  • Define the services attributes you need to differentiate yourself in the market
  • Accelerate your internal service creation process with SLA templates that can be customized to your strategy and brand promise
  • Create market-aligned pricing models
  • Innovate business models that allow you to support connectivity for cloud services

Vertical marketing programs: Finding the shortest path to revenue is key. Ciena’s partnership approach combines vertically aligned messaging—focused on research and education, finance, healthcare, government, and media—with modern analytics to better target and achieve resonance with potential customers, maximizing the ROI of go-to-market efforts. Ciena’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs help reduce time to revenue with:

  • Tailored value propositions to enterprise finance, healthcare, research and education, government, media and entertainment, and wholesale markets
  • Training programs to quickly prepare your sales force to solve the right business problems with impactful value propositions
  • Demand-generation programs expertly aimed at your targeted vertical markets

In addition to design and marketing programs, GeoAnalytics can significantly enhance network monetization by harnessing the power of enterprise databases and analytical tools to create an economical model for targeting customers, making profitability more predictable. It can cut the cost and time needed to identify and reach customers, and provide much higher ROI probability. GeoAnalytics also takes into account supply and demand factors, regional competition, and cost of network expansions to build a precise customer targeting plan.

Monetizing networks in today’s services markets and tomorrow’s cloud ecosystems requires transformation of services portfolios and new go-to-market techniques. Ciena’s network monetization can help service providers win in a market that has been changed dramatically by the cloud era.