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Helping the environment

We feel an innate responsibility to pursue technological innovation that can positively impact our environment for future generations and ensures responsible business practices.

Our environmental goals

We have set near-term science-based targets, approved by the Science Based Targets initiative to reduce our company-wide greenhouse gas emissions. Our targets include an absolute goal to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 80.6% by fiscal 2030 from fiscal 2019 levels, and an intensity-based goal to reduce total Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions per unit of capacity shipped in Gigabit/second by 71.3% by fiscal 2030 from fiscal 2019 levels.

Driving renewable energy use

Many of our offices in the US, UK, and Australia receive utility-sourced renewable energy. For all other offices we buy Renewable Energy Credits to ensure we're using 100% renewable energy.

Engaging our supply chain

To address our manufacturing emissions, we work with our suppliers to identify opportunities to reduce our energy consumption at our plants globally. We are also working closely with our suppliers to help reach our goal to have 70% recycled content in our product packaging by weight by 2025.

Reducing overall energy use

On top of our goal to use renewable energy, we're also reducing our overall energy use through facility enhancements such as LED lighting installation and upgrades to heating and cooling equipment.


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Generating renewable energy in Gurugram

As part of our goal to use 100% renewable energy, our Gurugram offices and labs are powered in part by solar PV panels. This allows us to reduce our overall energy use and associated emissions. We are expanding these panels to provide even more renewable energy to this site in the future.

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Making efficiencies in our supply chain

We've digitally transformed our supply chain for more efficient product tracking and shipping. By using smart inventory positioning, we've reduced the movement of goods and materials shipped across the globe before they reach customers. This reduces emissions from manufacturing and shipping, with our products going straight from the factory to the customer.

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Engaging our teams

Throughout the year, we engage our people in environmental volunteering and giving through our Ciena Cares program. Our people volunteer in their local communities to help protect the planet and raise money for environmental causes. In addition, we plant a tree in our Ciena forest for every new employee who joins the company.

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Providing equipment recovery, reclamation and refurbishment services

Our products are built to last, but when they reach their end, we ensure eco-friendly disposal. We provide equipment recovery and reclamation, securely recycling components. We also refurbish equipment, extending its lifespan and performance. This reduces waste, reclaims valuable metals and materials for future use, and keeps our products out of landfills.

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Shipping our products in eco-friendly packaging

We're reducing our packaging by transitioning to recyclable materials like cardboard and Polyethylene (PE) foam. This lessens the weight and size of our packages, increases shipping capacity, and lowers emissions caused by transportation. Our products also remain securely packaged, while reducing landfill waste.

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Reducing emissions from employee commuting and travel

Our flexible workstyles and collaborative tools help us reduce emissions from commuting and business travel. We offer electric vehicle charging stations at many offices and promote hybrid and remote working and low-emission business travel options. This equips our teams with resources to work effectively while reducing environmental impact.

Innovating for sustainable network

As more people, devices, and machines are connected, we're helping our customers build efficient and sustainable networks. Our Adaptive Network vision allows network operators to do more with less, by leveraging relentless innovation across hardware, software, and services that together provide for a more sustainable network lifecycle.

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