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Helping the environment

We feel an innate responsibility to pursue technological innovation that can positively impact our environment for future generations and ensures responsible business practices.

Reducing our emissions

We focus our decarbonization efforts in areas where we can make a significant impact — particularly in our real estate portfolio, supply chain, and product innovation. In our buildings, we're becoming more energy efficient and transitioning to renewable energy through local grid and on-site projects. In our supply chain, we are looking to digitized solutions that will allow us to be more efficient in shipping our products and reducing waste. And, we continue to innovate to bring more capacity and greater performance to our customers while reducing the energy used to power their networks.

Our carbon neutrality goal

We have a goal to be carbon neutral across our reported operational emissions by the end of 2023. Furthermore, we've submitted new proposed goals to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for approval as the next evolution on our journey to make a positive impact on our planet.

Driving renewable energy use

Many of our offices in the US, UK, and Australia  receive utility-sourced renewable energy. For all other offices we buy Renewable Energy Credits to ensure we're using 100% renewable energy by 2023.

Engaging our supply chain

To address our manufacturing emissions, we partner with our suppliers to identify opportunities to reduce our energy consumption at our plants globally.

Reducing overall energy use

On top of our goal to use renewable energy, we're also reducing our overall energy use through facility enhancements such as LED lighting installation and upgrades to heating and cooling equipment.

Innovating for sustainable networks

As more people, devices, and machines are connected, we're helping our customers build efficient and sustainable networks. Through our coherent technology, we can transport more information and data over a single fiber optic cable. And with every innovation and iteration of our products, we bring even more efficiency to our customers' networks with less energy required to provide even greater connectivity. We also innovate to create smaller and lighter products, resulting in  fewer emissions during travel to the customer.

Generating renewable energy in Gurugram

As part of our goal to use 100% renewable energy, our Gurugram offices and labs are powered in part by solar PV panels. This allows us to reduce our overall energy use and associated emissions. We are expanding these panels to provide even more renewable energy to this site in the future.

Making efficiencies in our supply chain

We're digitally transforming our supply chain and enhancing our operations so that our products can be tracked and shipped more efficiently. Using smart inventory positioning, we reduce the movement of materials and goods shipped across the globe before they reach our customers. These efficiencies allow us to reduce emissions created during the manufacturing and shipping process by having our products travel only from the factory to the customer.

Providing equipment recovery, reclamation and refurbishment services

Our products are designed with durability and longevity in mind, but when one of our products does come to the end of its life, we want to ensure it's disposed of in a manner that’s good for the environment. We offer an equipment recovery and reclamation service that allows us to securely recover used equipment and recycle the various components. We also offer an equipment refurbishment service that allows customers to extend the life of their equipment, enhancing their capacity and performance. These programs allow us to reduce waste and reclaim precious metals and materials so they can be reused in future product development — extending the life of our products and keeping them out of landfills.

Shipping our products in eco-friendly packaging

Our efforts to do more with less include reducing our product packaging. We're transitioning to using packaging made solely from recyclable materials, such as cardboard and Polyethylene (PE) foam. By using these recyclable materials, we can reduce the weight and size of our packaged products, maximize the amount we can ship at once and decrease our emissions caused through transportation. By using less foam and only recyclable materials, our products are still securely packaged while having the benefit of reducing waste to landfills.

Reducing emissions from employee commuting and travel

Our flexible workstyles and collaborative tools are helping us reach our environmental goals by reducing our emissions from employee commuting and business travel. In many of our offices, we have electric vehicle charging stations so our people can drive their cars to work with a safe place to charge them. We also encourage our people to think differently about travel, equipping our teams with tools and resources to work and collaborate remotely, as well as educating them on travel options that generate fewer emissions.

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