Oxygen for your network

World-class athletes dedicate themselves to perfecting strength, speed, and precision. Yet all that perfection is nothing without enough oxygen.

Ciena Services is oxygen for your network―breathing life into it and the business it enables.

Accelerate your success

Your network is mission-critical for delivering an exceptional customer experience. When running at peak performance, it enables your success; if it falters, it impedes that success. It’s that straightforward.

We ensure your network keeps pace with your business challenges by focusing on your objectives as a shared mission.

Partnering with you, our regional experts harness their experience to leverage a robust portfolio of services, proven methodologies, and tools—singularly focused on accelerating your success.

Together, we’ve got this

What we do

We help you build, operate, and improve your network through our complementary services and leveraging nearly 30 years of experience partnering with customers like you to build the world’s most agile networks. All with the end goal of accelerating your journey to the Adaptive Network™.

Ciena Services

Solutions Services


Reaching the goal requires a full team with all positions covered, from defenders to forwards. Like delivering comprehensive solutions, it’s about skilled specialists working seamlessly as a unit.

Pulling it all together

When you leverage your network to reach big goals, you need a team working with you—people with unmatched expertise, processes, and tools delivering the right solution at the right time and with minimum risk.

We’ll take you there.

Services for Broadband AccessServices for TransformationServices for Virtualized Edge


Delivering strong results

We do the hard work of building networks that help your business succeed. Ciena experts work with you—providing consulting, design, and planning services. We then complete your network installation, including third-party components.

Let us put you in front.


Everyone cheers the leader. But even the best need teammates working hard behind the scenes to win.



A baton passes between runners, one accelerating, one decelerating, within a scant 20 meters in a jumble of other teams. Miss one detail? Game over. Winning requires discipline, focus and experience.

Enabling worry-free operations

Our people rely on those same qualities, focusing on the details to deliver a global maintenance service and ITIL-based managed services―freeing your team to tackle strategic initiatives.

We do the worrying for you.


Delivering peak performance

Your network―and your team―exceed expectations by purposeful effort. Fine-tune your network infrastructure for peak performance with our network optimization services. And empower your staff to deeply understand and support your Ciena network with our networking classes and certifications.

We help you achieve more.


Behind the illusion of effortlessness is relentless effort to fine-tune countless movements.


Enabling how you manage, control, and plan your network

Bridge technical and resource gaps, increase your team’s agility, and deliver fast, efficient, data-driven operations. We help you fully leverage Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller and  Applications for a more rapid deployment and thorough adoption..

If you’re migrating from a legacy NMS or upgrading your MCP Applications, experience smooth deployment, leveraging our packet-optical infrastructure expertise.

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