Driven by the rapid growth in submarine data usage globally, the race is on among subsea cable operators and consortia to expand subsea cable capacity in the APAC region. With new cables being announced—seemingly every month—how do existing cables stay competitive? 

Many tools are available to help subsea cable operators reactively protect the health of their network. But more and more, preventative maintenance—specifically predictive analytics—is being leveraged to stay ahead of, and prevent, network faults. 

The future is not as uncertain as you think.

Join Alan Mauldin from TeleGeography and Brian Lavallée from Ciena for an Asia-Pacific subsea cable seascape discussion, including a look at what big data analytics can do for both new and existing cables. Attendees will also benefit from a real-life analytics-based case study featuring Neville Hainke from Southern Cross—one of the premier suppliers of subsea cable capacity in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Attend and learn:

  • Who’s behind the new cable builds being deployed in the Asia-Pacific region 
  • What the Asia-Pacific region is shaping up to look like in the next three years
  • How Southern Cross is leveraging big data analytics to provide better service for their customers