Global bandwidth consumption has grown exponentially in recent years due in large part to the massive amounts of content being generated by Internet Content Providers. Cat videos, anyone? 

This growth isn’t slowing down any time soon and is driving the need for more data centers, of various sizes and locations, and more network capacity to interconnect them—overland and undersea.

Join Jon Hjembo of TeleGeography and Brian Lavallée of Ciena for an update on the latest data center trends driving subsea connectivity growth. They’ll cover where new data centers are being built and why, as well as what new technologies are available to interconnect these critical assets. Attend and learn:

  • What does the subsea DCI landscape look like today, and in the future? 
  • Where are the biggest cloud deployments that are driving regional data center construction?  
  • Where are major colocation players concentrating investment to target cloud market demand?
  • What technologies are available to maintain pace with voracious submarine DCI demands?

Don't miss this interactive webinar for your chance to get the answers to these questions, and to ask some of your own!